7 Ways to Fail With Your Wedding Wardrobe

Your wedding day is one of the most important in your life. You will always remember it, and it will be immortalized in pictures, which may grace the walls of your home for decades to come. So what do you want to remember about it: how great you looked, or how your expensive wedding outfit let you down? Discover seven ways to fail with your wedding wardrobe, and learn how to avoid every single one.


1. Dress Doesn’t Fit

Try on your dress! Sounds simple, right? Many brides, however, make this mistake. They want to play it safe, but they miss out on something important. Try on your dress before you buy, when you get it altered, after you get it altered, and a week before the big day. Always be very careful when handling your dress, and enlist the aid of a friend (or several) when needed. If you’re conscientious, you won’t damage or dirty you gown before its big wedding day debut. But you’ve got to try it on several times because you don’t want to find out the day of that you can’t breathe in it, that the hem makes you trip or that the top just isn’t snug enough.


2. You Can’t Walk

Many brides worry about falling while walking down the aisle, but there’s a very simple way to avoid that nightmare entirely: wear your shoes. You’ve got to put your wedding shoes on to have a fitting, and while you’re at it you need to walk around. Don’t restrict yourself to the plushy carpet in the bridal boutique, either. Try to find realistic surfaces, like grass and hard floors, if you can. No matter what, take a decent little walk in your shoes even if you’re not wearing the dress to make sure they fit and you’re steady in them.


3. Visible Underwear

The bride’s in a beautiful white dress, underneath the bright June sun . . . and everyone can see her sexy red bra. Don’t let this be you. Wear light-colored or nude underwear beneath your clothes. Choose a bra with nude straps or clear straps, because you definitely don’t want them to show. White and beige lingerie are the perfect choice for any bride. Bold colors and black underclothes are an invitation for humiliation.


4. Lumpy Look

You want to look smooth and svelte when you’re walking down the aisle. The best way to achieve this goal is through a slimming structure garment such as Spanx. You can find form-smoothing garments in any length or style, so make sure to take the time to find one that won’t show underneath your gown.


5. Gaps and Slips

A wedding picture can be ruined if skin is showing where it shouldn’t. Use two-sided tape to make sure everything is a perfect fit, and it stays that way. With a single piece of two-sided tape, you can prevent gaping holes in shirts, slipping straps and a whole host of other problems that may affect anyone in the wedding party.


6. Deodorant

A gown can be ruined by deodorant marks. To avoid ugly problems, instruct everyone to wear clear deodorant. When even this doesn’t help, bring a small stack of sponges. A Magic Eraser and similar products may be used to wipe deodorant smudges away so that everyone looks great for every single picture.


7. Test Your Hair and Jewelry

Practice your wedding day hair look at least once before the big day, and put on your jewelry while your hair is all done up. You don’t want to find out while you’re at the altar that your hair keeps getting caught in your earrings, or that the necklace you’ve chosen doesn’t fall the right way with your gown. Always test your look before taking the big walk, down to the smallest of details.


You can prevent wedding wardrobe malfunctions and problems by planning ahead. Pack a small bag to take with you on the day of the wedding, or drop it off at your venue the night before. A travel sewing kit may be used for quick, on-the-spot repairs. Take the time to ensure that you have white thread and thread in the colors of your bridesmaid gowns. Pack clear nail polish to stop runs in nylons or give unmanicured nails a quick, camera-friendly sheen. Bring along extra buttons in the color of the tuxedos (likely black). You may also need shoe polish to shine up wedding party member shoes that look a little dull.


Some wedding wardrobe mishaps happen between the wedding and reception, or at the reception. Remember to take care of your dress for every moment that you have it on, even after your big march down the aisle. If you’re going to eat, lean forward toward the food and if possible, cover your dress with napkins. Hold your wedding gown up while walking to keep it from dragging on the floor, and have someone tie the train up as soon as the ceremony is over and the pictures are taken.


If you pay attention to your look and plan ahead, you’ll look perfect all the way from the proposal with Robbins Brothers engagement rings to the end of your big day.