Decorating Your New Home


Image by Ratamala via Flickr

Your first home is an exciting experience. You want to make every inch of that new living space feel like your home. In order to do that you have to decorate it the right way. Decorating isn’t always easy. It takes a lot of thinking and planning. If you are willing to do the work you can give your home that personal touch that people will notice when they walk in the door.

The idea of decorating your home is to know what works for you. While it’s nice to make a house appealing to guests, you have to make sure your home is appealing to you. Don’t worry about fancy frames and high-end furniture if it’s going to make you feel uncomfortable in your home. You have to make sure it’s what you like.

Second, make sure your house has a theme. A big key to decorating, and something that will help you make good decisions, is knowing what the theme of your house is. It’s important to know if you think that perhaps it should have a certain color scheme or maybe a theme of an animal or season. Knowing what the concept is behind your decorating will do wonders.

Another thing to consider is going vintage. It’s popular and you can do it with little money. You can search on Canada 411 for some older items to put in your home. A little money could give it that cool retro look.

Your first home should feel like it’s yours. Decorate it the way you like so you’ll want to come home.


Redecorating Tips for Those on a Budget

Everyone wants a nicely decorated home that feels comfortable, is functional, and won’t blow the budget. But, with today’s economy, many find it impossible to redecorate their home because of high prices. This is where some creativity and savvy redecorating tips come in handy.

Create a Plan
First, decide how you would like the newly decorated room to look? What colors will you be using? Do you want a traditional or modern style? Get an idea in your head and then start browsing home décor magazines and websites. Find a few pictures that reflect the style you are going for and cut or print them out. Have these pictures easily accessible while shopping. You might also do well with a list of items you need to complete your redesign.

Take Stock in What You Already Own
Shop around your own home to find items that you can relocate to the newly decorated room. You will give new life to an old treasure, and you already know you like the item and that it fits your tastes in décor, because you already own it. The best thing about relocating an item you already have is that it is free decorating! It is also a good idea to take any items out of the room that won’t make the cut. This way you will see exactly what you have to determine what you need to complete your renovation.

Look For Coupon Codes and Sales
Next, get online and look around for coupon codes and sales at your favorite home decorating stores. There are many websites that are specifically geared to providing coupon codes for thousands of stores, all in one place. Most of these codes are a mixture of numbers and letters that you can jot down. These codes are entered during checkout to reap the benefits of a discounted price. Other coupons are only effective if you shop through a specific link.

Home Decorating on the Cheap

Decorating on a budget is not only easy to do, but also very fun! There are many different ways you can approach home décor without spending your entire salary.
”’Renew the Old”’
Take old items that you already own and refinish them. Solid wood can be sanded and repainted or stained a new shade. Sofas can be recovered at a fraction of the cost of retail prices for a new piece. Faux wood or laminate furniture can be spray painted with various types of finishing paint, just be sure to read label directions for proper application.
”’Shop Like a Flea Market Pro”’
Check out thrift stores, bazaars and flea markets for great finds at cheap prices. Primitive decorating is a big hit right now, so look for old windows to hang on the wall, mis-matched dining pieces (the more dinged up, the better), bare-bones style wall hangings and anything that could be passed off as something that came from the 1800′s.
”’Buy New, Within Your Means”’
If you want to go with a formal, art deco or modern look, but new pieces at discount stores and then make improvements on your own. Hit the craft store for jewels, ribbon and other items that you can adhere to your home decorating pieces. You can make a ten dollar framed mirror look like something out of a Scottish castle with a little hot glue and some gold leaf.
Creativity will take you to new heights when you are decorating on a budget. Don’t be afraid to try an idea. The worst that could happen is the final product won’t turn out as you hoped. Chances are that it will look terrific and you will take more pleasure in it because of the lengths you went to make it unique.

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