Decorating and Organizing Your Closet

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Most of the rooms in your house will benefit from a little paint, some curtains and maybe even a trinket or two strategically placed on a shelf. However, you cannot overlook the one place that you spend a lot of your time: the closet. Clothes, shoes, accessories, and jewelry are sometimes all stuffed into the same place so that you can look around and see everything that you own all in one spot. If this area is not eye catching or well organized, you may be missing out on some important pieces of your wardrobe.

The first step to making a change in your closet is clearing everything out. Place like items together. For example, there should be an area just for your shoes, an area for all of your purses, and if you have a favorite brand of clothing that you really like, keep all of the LRG Clothes together in one pile. While you are moving things, look for items that are too small, too big or just are not in style anymore. These do not go back into the closet.

Figure out what types of containers or organizers you will need. If you have narrowed down your shoe collection to only twenty pairs, you need to find a way to keep them all neatly in order. They cannot be thrown all over the place. The same goes for seasonal clothes.

Go through everything until it is back in place and organized. Then add the finishing touches. Consider a mirror with a beautiful design around the outside. Maybe even hang a picture of yourself in a favorite outfit!