Creative Ways to Organize Your Bedroom

A bedroom in an AIMCO apartment home

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Organizing your bedroom doesn’t have to just be about plastic container and shoe racks. There of plenty of ways to organize your bedroom whilst adding a touch of creative flair.

If you have a lot of scarves, shawls or pashminas then a cute wooden ladder is a great way to store them. Many are too pretty to have hidden away in a closet; this way you can display them in a fun way that also helps to organize them. Color code them on the ladders rungs to add an interesting visual effect.

Make use of space under your bed by using low cut boxes to store things in. You can either buy specially made boxes or you can cut down old boxes and paint or decorate them to your tastes. These are great for storing clothes in the winter or summer when you don’t need them. They are also a great place to store shoes.

If you have a big handbag collection, then display them! You can hang them up on a wall on hooks as a feature, or you can even display them on shelves for an interesting twist. This also makes them easy to get to,

If you have lots of books then the obvious place for them is on a bookshelf. Most people organize them alphabetically, which is fine. However if you want something more visually appealing then you can organize them by color. If you don’t have a large number of books and then don’t require a whole bookshelf, you can line them up, color coded, along your desk, or in a creative stack in the corner.



4 Ways to Decorate a Small Room on a Budget

Many people find that decorating a small room is a huge challenge. Having items in a small space, without making the space look too cluttered, is one of the biggest complaints from those that are redecorating. Couple the challenge of the size of the space with the challenge of a smaller budget, and many people decide it’s not worth it to decorate a small room. There is no reason to scrap the entire project! Here are some great ways to decorate a small room on a budget.

Remove the Clutter

The cheapest, easiest, and quickest way to improve a small space is to remove the clutter. Take everything out, even pillows and get a good look at the room. Then, bring items back in, one at a time. Stop when you are satisfied that there is enough decoration, but it’s not too much.

Use Several Large Scale Items

You may have heard otherwise, but using a couple larger or taller pieces in a small room will help the room feel bigger and will provide the eye with a smoother trip as it scans across the room. If you want to make the small room look larger, hanging a large painting or decorative run on a wall is better than placing several small pieces in the same area.

Use Rich, Warm Colors

Nothing is better than feeling cozy and comfortable in a small room. This can be done by adding pillows and throw blankets on the corner of a couch or chair. Try placing some muslin as a swag over a curtain? Drape the windows with soft and flowy fabric.

Use Double-Duty Items

This is where it’s vogue to be secretive. Use ottomans that open and can be used for storage. Use a futon for a sofa that can double as a guest bed. A chest is a great coffee table that can be used to store extra blankets, take-out menus, remote controls, and more.