Designer Home Collections

Apartment dwellers are often looking for new and exciting ways to jazz up their space. Designer home collections such as those by Ralph Lauren, Ann Klein and Laura Ashley offer everything from high quality furniture to bedding and curtains. Collections make decorating simple because the furnishings have already been coordinated.

This is valuable because not everyone has a knack for decorating and these collections can spare do-it-yourself’ers from design disasters. There are two usual complaints from those living in apartments, one is the terrible lack of space. Nice roomy apartments exist, but, by definition, apartments are typically on the small side. However, the right collection can make the most of these small spaces and add just the right amount of personality and sparkle.

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The second most popular complaint is the lack of color. Fortunately, many progressive apartment managers are now offering an accent wall option. This may be a small thing to some but a pop of color can turn dull into daring and boring into beautiful. If you currently live in an apartment without this option and the white walls are getting to you, consider making a change. is a great source for finding a new colorful place to call home.

Choose a collection that represents your personal style and use it throughout your space. This will give your apartment or home a sense of unity and high fashion. Designers are all about color and pattern so don’t be afraid to mix both. If you feel that you are in a bit of a rut, check out a designer home collection. Having rooms that “wow” may be easier than you think.

Decorate Your First Apartment on a Budget

After paying first and last month’s rent, and possibly a security deposit, most first renters don’t have much money left for decorating their new digs. But, don’t worry, you can make your new apartment into a home with very little cash and some imagination. Here are some tips to get you started on decorating your first apartment on a budget.

The first thing you want to do is choose a feeling that you want your space to convey. If your new apartment is going to reflect your colorful personality, chose energetic and bring colors. If it will be a place for you to relax and unwind, use soft colors like blues, greens, light purples. A more sophisticated palate may include browns and reds with white or black accents.

To find inexpensive furniture, visit yard sales, consignment shops, and classified ads. Purchase simple pieces that will blend nicely with any style décor. Consider making a platform bed with cinder blocks ad ¾ inch plywood. A futon makes a great couch that can double as a guest bed, or your bed if you have a studio apartment. Don’t forget while shopping that you could paint the furniture.

Since most renters can not paint the walls of their new apartment, add color in creative ways. Create a huge mural with butcher paper and paints or colored pencils. Find cheap frames at dollar stores, purchase a few in different sizes, paint them and arrange on the walls. Hang fun and unusual items like cd covers, sheet music, soup can labels, or pretty pieces of fabric.

Finally, add finishing touches that really bring out your personality. Display pictures of family and friends and add some throw pillows and soft throw blankets to your chair or couch. Proudly display that ceramic pencil holder you made in eighth grade or your grandmother’s costume jewelry for curtain tie-backs. Place a few little candles around, and perhaps a vase or two of fresh flowers.