DIY Projects To Improve Office Interior Design At Low Cost

Inner Woodwork 

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We all have heard about DIY projects and must have done many such projects when renovating or improving our homes. However, most of us are not comfortable with the idea of DIY projects in office. The sight of employees walking in to find the boss with a paint brush in hand may seem incongruous. The sight of customers walking in to find the employees and the boss trying their hand at interior design may be downright embarrassing.

How to overcome this problem? Well, you have no option but to respect the concept of dignity of labor. To be ashamed of painting your own office is to demean the work done by professionals all over the world.

Secondly, you can try combining the DIY project with some cash incentive. You will save money that otherwise would have gone towards labor payment. In such a scenario, offering to pay half the money saved as cash bonus and using the other half to provide better facilities to the employees can make the DIY project a worthwhile option. Further, you can buy the tools and equipments used in the project and use it for future DIY activities as well.

Thirdly, you can convert the exercise into one big picnic and request employees to bring something to eat and drink for a gala time. Getting employees to work together on non work related projects will help improve communication and teamwork.

On the whole, you just have to overcome your natural hesitation in suggesting DIY projects to your employees. Further, you must ensure that your employees have clear idea of what needs to be done and know how to proceed.