Being Famous and Being an Hollywood Actor with Peter Nygard

Last Oscar’s 2007, Peter Nygard together with his Nygard International hosted the Star Gala Night in Beverly Hills. Many actresses and actors came to the event as part of the international stage of celebrities and to showcase their own beauty and gallantry. Peter Nygard has been a name in Hollywood as a fashion designer and businessman focusing on the expanse of women’s apparel and accessories. To say, Nygard is a real big thing not just in the fashion industry but also in the Hollywood affairs. It is very hard to separate the world of fashion from the world of celebrities who wear the best the designs.

Contributing to Peter Nygard’s fame is his private island that lays in the vastness of Bahamas. The island has gained prominence and fame for Nygard because of the people who have stayed in the island including the former US president George Bush and the TV host Oprah Winfrey. Not just that, but the Boeing 727 of Nygard has also gained international stage after being painted and signature by the name of Nygard International’s famous big man. With the fashion designs worn by various celebrities and the best of media attention to the Boeing 727 and the island, Nygard is truly a big name in the fashion industry and the entertainment industry.

In fact, Peter Nygard appears in various TV programs and movies. Fyra Sanger Fran Finland is a TV series where Nygard appeared as Bybor. It is Finnish TV series; well, it is not a wonder that Nygard appeared in the series because he is of Finnish descent. In a special documentary Get Out, Nygard also appeared in an interview with the appreciation from the makers. While for Wild on Caribbean, Nygard appeared as himself to act as a Bahamian fashion designer. In fact, most of the roles that Nygard appeared on TV of theater, he served as a fashion designer of much wealth and fame.

The famous name of Peter Nygard is truly a name in the industry of rich and famous. His own stint in the entertainment industry has been a talk of the fashion industry. There are other fashion designers who have appeared in various TV and movie roles because fashion and the entertainment industry are two close friends that cannot be separated by instance or will. It is a big thing that Nygard acted on the opportune time of getting the best of the Hollywood fame.


Three Hottest Accessory Trends for Summer

Summer’s a hot time of the year, but it isn’t just about the weather. This is the time to look your best and really show off your personal style (and that beach body). While winter may have been great for restraint and spring is the time for laid back fun, summer is the best time to be ostentatious and show off what you’ve got. This is the era of the monokini–you can pick up your restraint sometime in December.

Clutch Purses

Nowadays, personal security is everything. Since you’re already supposed to carry your purse like a football, you might as well drop the survival bag and carry something simple and cute. You’re not hiking through the rainforest, ladies. You’re just going around town, and you don’t need a backpack to hold the basics. A simple clutch purse can be a great way to ground a brightly colored outfit, or it can become a highlight if you want to add a fresh color to your ensemble.

Wild Shoes

The days of the boring shoe are over. While you can always just throw on a pair of sandals, why not pick out a pair that boasts wild colors and crazy patterns? While you can make your neatly painted toes the highlight of your summer footwear, you can also wear a closed shoe that shows off boldness and confidence. The only rule is that you need to be yourself this summer, but don’t be afraid to impress with your footwear either.


A simple pair of shades are great when you’re trying to avoid being blinded by the sun. But when the mercury looks like it’s going to blow, you can bust out of the boring sunglasses mold. A 1950s-inspired design can take your look to another planet, or a more subdued pair of shades inspired by the ’70s can make you look downright groovy. As with everything else on this list, now is the time for color. Since they ship easily, shades are one of the best accessories on eBay.
Summer is the time to really break out and be yourself. You can hide behind a big, puffy coat later. For now, show off what you’ve got, and rock the accessories that’ll put you in your best light. Don’t be afraid to go wild, because you deserve to have fun in the sun. Gray is gone and even black is getting blasé. Your accessories say a lot about you, and hot accessories say the best things possible.



7 Ways to Fail With Your Wedding Wardrobe

Your wedding day is one of the most important in your life. You will always remember it, and it will be immortalized in pictures, which may grace the walls of your home for decades to come. So what do you want to remember about it: how great you looked, or how your expensive wedding outfit let you down? Discover seven ways to fail with your wedding wardrobe, and learn how to avoid every single one.


1. Dress Doesn’t Fit

Try on your dress! Sounds simple, right? Many brides, however, make this mistake. They want to play it safe, but they miss out on something important. Try on your dress before you buy, when you get it altered, after you get it altered, and a week before the big day. Always be very careful when handling your dress, and enlist the aid of a friend (or several) when needed. If you’re conscientious, you won’t damage or dirty you gown before its big wedding day debut. But you’ve got to try it on several times because you don’t want to find out the day of that you can’t breathe in it, that the hem makes you trip or that the top just isn’t snug enough.


2. You Can’t Walk

Many brides worry about falling while walking down the aisle, but there’s a very simple way to avoid that nightmare entirely: wear your shoes. You’ve got to put your wedding shoes on to have a fitting, and while you’re at it you need to walk around. Don’t restrict yourself to the plushy carpet in the bridal boutique, either. Try to find realistic surfaces, like grass and hard floors, if you can. No matter what, take a decent little walk in your shoes even if you’re not wearing the dress to make sure they fit and you’re steady in them.


3. Visible Underwear

The bride’s in a beautiful white dress, underneath the bright June sun . . . and everyone can see her sexy red bra. Don’t let this be you. Wear light-colored or nude underwear beneath your clothes. Choose a bra with nude straps or clear straps, because you definitely don’t want them to show. White and beige lingerie are the perfect choice for any bride. Bold colors and black underclothes are an invitation for humiliation.


4. Lumpy Look

You want to look smooth and svelte when you’re walking down the aisle. The best way to achieve this goal is through a slimming structure garment such as Spanx. You can find form-smoothing garments in any length or style, so make sure to take the time to find one that won’t show underneath your gown.


5. Gaps and Slips

A wedding picture can be ruined if skin is showing where it shouldn’t. Use two-sided tape to make sure everything is a perfect fit, and it stays that way. With a single piece of two-sided tape, you can prevent gaping holes in shirts, slipping straps and a whole host of other problems that may affect anyone in the wedding party.


6. Deodorant

A gown can be ruined by deodorant marks. To avoid ugly problems, instruct everyone to wear clear deodorant. When even this doesn’t help, bring a small stack of sponges. A Magic Eraser and similar products may be used to wipe deodorant smudges away so that everyone looks great for every single picture.


7. Test Your Hair and Jewelry

Practice your wedding day hair look at least once before the big day, and put on your jewelry while your hair is all done up. You don’t want to find out while you’re at the altar that your hair keeps getting caught in your earrings, or that the necklace you’ve chosen doesn’t fall the right way with your gown. Always test your look before taking the big walk, down to the smallest of details.


You can prevent wedding wardrobe malfunctions and problems by planning ahead. Pack a small bag to take with you on the day of the wedding, or drop it off at your venue the night before. A travel sewing kit may be used for quick, on-the-spot repairs. Take the time to ensure that you have white thread and thread in the colors of your bridesmaid gowns. Pack clear nail polish to stop runs in nylons or give unmanicured nails a quick, camera-friendly sheen. Bring along extra buttons in the color of the tuxedos (likely black). You may also need shoe polish to shine up wedding party member shoes that look a little dull.


Some wedding wardrobe mishaps happen between the wedding and reception, or at the reception. Remember to take care of your dress for every moment that you have it on, even after your big march down the aisle. If you’re going to eat, lean forward toward the food and if possible, cover your dress with napkins. Hold your wedding gown up while walking to keep it from dragging on the floor, and have someone tie the train up as soon as the ceremony is over and the pictures are taken.


If you pay attention to your look and plan ahead, you’ll look perfect all the way from the proposal with Robbins Brothers engagement rings to the end of your big day.



Creative Ways to Organize Your Bedroom

A bedroom in an AIMCO apartment home

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Organizing your bedroom doesn’t have to just be about plastic container and shoe racks. There of plenty of ways to organize your bedroom whilst adding a touch of creative flair.

If you have a lot of scarves, shawls or pashminas then a cute wooden ladder is a great way to store them. Many are too pretty to have hidden away in a closet; this way you can display them in a fun way that also helps to organize them. Color code them on the ladders rungs to add an interesting visual effect.

Make use of space under your bed by using low cut boxes to store things in. You can either buy specially made boxes or you can cut down old boxes and paint or decorate them to your tastes. These are great for storing clothes in the winter or summer when you don’t need them. They are also a great place to store shoes.

If you have a big handbag collection, then display them! You can hang them up on a wall on hooks as a feature, or you can even display them on shelves for an interesting twist. This also makes them easy to get to,

If you have lots of books then the obvious place for them is on a bookshelf. Most people organize them alphabetically, which is fine. However if you want something more visually appealing then you can organize them by color. If you don’t have a large number of books and then don’t require a whole bookshelf, you can line them up, color coded, along your desk, or in a creative stack in the corner. huge forex department



Decorating and Organizing Your Closet

A wall closet in a residential house in the Un...

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Most of the rooms in your house will benefit from a little paint, some curtains and maybe even a trinket or two strategically placed on a shelf. However, you cannot overlook the one place that you spend a lot of your time: the closet. Clothes, shoes, accessories, and jewelry are sometimes all stuffed into the same place so that you can look around and see everything that you own all in one spot. If this area is not eye catching or well organized, you may be missing out on some important pieces of your wardrobe.

The first step to making a change in your closet is clearing everything out. Place like items together. For example, there should be an area just for your shoes, an area for all of your purses, and if you have a favorite brand of clothing that you really like, keep all of the LRG Clothes together in one pile. While you are moving things, look for items that are too small, too big or just are not in style anymore. These do not go back into the closet.

Figure out what types of containers or organizers you will need. If you have narrowed down your shoe collection to only twenty pairs, you need to find a way to keep them all neatly in order. They cannot be thrown all over the place. The same goes for seasonal clothes.

Go through everything until it is back in place and organized. Then add the finishing touches. Consider a mirror with a beautiful design around the outside. Maybe even hang a picture of yourself in a favorite outfit!

Designer Home Collections

Apartment dwellers are often looking for new and exciting ways to jazz up their space. Designer home collections such as those by Ralph Lauren, Ann Klein and Laura Ashley offer everything from high quality furniture to bedding and curtains. Collections make decorating simple because the furnishings have already been coordinated.

This is valuable because not everyone has a knack for decorating and these collections can spare do-it-yourself’ers from design disasters. There are two usual complaints from those living in apartments, one is the terrible lack of space. Nice roomy apartments exist, but, by definition, apartments are typically on the small side. However, the right collection can make the most of these small spaces and add just the right amount of personality and sparkle.

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The second most popular complaint is the lack of color. Fortunately, many progressive apartment managers are now offering an accent wall option. This may be a small thing to some but a pop of color can turn dull into daring and boring into beautiful. If you currently live in an apartment without this option and the white walls are getting to you, consider making a change. is a great source for finding a new colorful place to call home.

Choose a collection that represents your personal style and use it throughout your space. This will give your apartment or home a sense of unity and high fashion. Designers are all about color and pattern so don’t be afraid to mix both. If you feel that you are in a bit of a rut, check out a designer home collection. Having rooms that “wow” may be easier than you think.

Decorating Your New Home


Image by Ratamala via Flickr

Your first home is an exciting experience. You want to make every inch of that new living space feel like your home. In order to do that you have to decorate it the right way. Decorating isn’t always easy. It takes a lot of thinking and planning. If you are willing to do the work you can give your home that personal touch that people will notice when they walk in the door.

The idea of decorating your home is to know what works for you. While it’s nice to make a house appealing to guests, you have to make sure your home is appealing to you. Don’t worry about fancy frames and high-end furniture if it’s going to make you feel uncomfortable in your home. You have to make sure it’s what you like.

Second, make sure your house has a theme. A big key to decorating, and something that will help you make good decisions, is knowing what the theme of your house is. It’s important to know if you think that perhaps it should have a certain color scheme or maybe a theme of an animal or season. Knowing what the concept is behind your decorating will do wonders.

Another thing to consider is going vintage. It’s popular and you can do it with little money. You can search on Canada 411 for some older items to put in your home. A little money could give it that cool retro look.

Your first home should feel like it’s yours. Decorate it the way you like so you’ll want to come home.


Four Essential Wardrobe Items for Women

Every woman can dress with style. No matter the season, she can achieve a classic look with just a few staples in her wardrobe. Fashionable, classic outfits and accessories can accent any ensemble.

Shoes are, arguably, an accessory that can make or break an outfit. Especially for women, purchasing shoes can be either difficult or exhilarating. Searching for deals at can be a positive experience for every kind of shopper. Today, high heels are available in wedge form, classic pointed-toes styles, or strappy sandals. Tones of brown go best with dresses because they blend well with skin tones and elongate the legs. Finally, shoes such as ballet-style flats are available.

Belts add a plethora of options for women’s wardrobes. From classic brown or black leather, to sparkly-accented belts, to scarves, women have an abundance of products to enhance their waistlines. Besides holding pants up, belts are able to finish off an outfit with flair.

Scarf Worn as a Belt

Depending on the weather and climate, thin sweaters, jackets, or heavy coats will be a staple in a woman’s closet. Here is where it can be interesting! Jackets or overcoats in eye-popping hues and unique designs should be considered.  Shoppers should not worry about matching their outfits perfectly here.  Feel free to add a vintage style to a modern outfit, or vice versa!

Last but not least, women should purchase a quality pair of blue jeans for their wardrobes.  Dark washes work best on every body type, but jeans can be bought in a variety of cuts and colors.  Tall, thin women can sport skinny jeans, while shorter women may prefer boot-cut designs to lengthen their figures.

Some Tips To Design Office Interiors With A Limited Budget

Process for creating generative design 

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What options do you have if you are trying to reduce the cost of decorating your office? Interior decoration of the office is important because it is related to productivity and employee morale. However, trying to cut down costs will be difficult because you cannot compromise on the professional look and feel.

One option is to find individuals related to your employees in the business of designing interiors. They need not be the best in the world as far as quality of design is concerned. You can bring them on board so that there is a sense of unity and fraternity as far as the design process concern.

Make it very clear to the individual completing the task that he or she is expected to follow instructions and suggestions of employees till the last letter. You can avoid criticism of favoritism by making this a transparent process. Rather than treating it as a professional assignment, you can insist that the relative should treat the work as a personal project.

You can also point out the potential business options if the employees are impressed by the quality of work done. Another option is to choose your most creative employees and assign them to an interior design workshop so that they get the right ideas and tips. This will make them confident enough to design the interiors of the office on their own.

This is a much better option than having a professional designer from the outset. What is more, the employees will be more than eager to work for you because they would be working for their own office and workplace.

DIY Projects To Improve Office Interior Design At Low Cost

Inner Woodwork 

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We all have heard about DIY projects and must have done many such projects when renovating or improving our homes. However, most of us are not comfortable with the idea of DIY projects in office. The sight of employees walking in to find the boss with a paint brush in hand may seem incongruous. The sight of customers walking in to find the employees and the boss trying their hand at interior design may be downright embarrassing.

How to overcome this problem? Well, you have no option but to respect the concept of dignity of labor. To be ashamed of painting your own office is to demean the work done by professionals all over the world.

Secondly, you can try combining the DIY project with some cash incentive. You will save money that otherwise would have gone towards labor payment. In such a scenario, offering to pay half the money saved as cash bonus and using the other half to provide better facilities to the employees can make the DIY project a worthwhile option. Further, you can buy the tools and equipments used in the project and use it for future DIY activities as well.

Thirdly, you can convert the exercise into one big picnic and request employees to bring something to eat and drink for a gala time. Getting employees to work together on non work related projects will help improve communication and teamwork.

On the whole, you just have to overcome your natural hesitation in suggesting DIY projects to your employees. Further, you must ensure that your employees have clear idea of what needs to be done and know how to proceed.